The Glorious Battle on the Road to Valhalla

Darkness has once again encroached upon the world. The cold, northerly winds and unrelenting clouds have driven most to the comforts of shelters and hearths. And yet, in these cruel, bleak times, a handful of intrepid warriors refuse to stay idle. They read the tumult in the skies as the long-awaited call for one great and final endeavor, a mission to end all missions, a path of conquest that will lead them to the end of the world… And the most favored among them to the mythical gates of Valhalla.

Welcome to the Viking Age.

“The Glorious Battle on the Road to Valhalla” is a geographically, historically, and politically incorrect turn-based competitive board game for 3-4 players, playable in around 30 minutes. The game is set in Northern Europe and combines the concepts and ideas from the world of Vikings with the traditionally chaotic spirit of free-for-all board games reliant on chance. Players take on the role of a Viking warrior and move between Denmark and the British Isles to pillage, plunder, and power up in preparation for the final, glorious battle, while rolling dice to determine the success of their actions. In this fast-paced game, every choice you make is important – will you play it safe and avoid other players, forging your own quiet, relatively safe path, or will you breathlessly attack and steal, hoping that fortune will favor the brave? The “winners” of the final battle will get to join Odin and fight forever in Asgard; the “loser” will have to make do with ruling the earthly realm instead. Collect gold, buy axes, and trample your fellow players to be one of the privileged ones to proudly die in – the glorious battle on the road to Valhalla!