The game development course at ITU introduced me to how game development works in practice.  In a group of 5, we were all assigned roles. We had to make budget, marketing plan and presskit. I had the role of Lead Programmer, but was still a big part of the entire design process. At the end of the semester, we produced the 4-player humoristic mobile viking game UNTERGANG, where the core game loop consist the inter-player communication, banding up against eachother, and backstabbing previous allys to avoid being the sole loser of the game.


There are several emerging problems in the otherwise magni cent city, and it is up to the four supreme leaders to solve these problems.
The four supreme leaders have always been ruling over the city with relative success, and always been able to get out of most problems. This has simply been when times were good. Now everything is turning around, times are bad, and the four supreme leaders must dictate and enact drastic laws in hopes to save the city. If against all odds, the supreme leaders prove to be too incompetent and it looks like the city will fall anyway, it’s paramount that an example is made of one of them, the extremist, the black sheep, the one fool that is always to blame. It’s the four leaders primary goal to save the city to the best of their ability, having to juggle with their political power, discuss news with the other leaders, enact laws that best x the city’s problems, and blame those they think, will ultimately lead the city’s UNTERGANG.
In UNTERGANG you take control over of the fate of the city as one of it’s four supreme leaders. Will you be able to save the city or will you try to blame your friends for it’s inevitable downfall? Only politics will tell.