Darwin’s Monsters

During this project, another student and I wanted to investigate how evolutionary algorithms could be implemented as the core mechanic in a game, and how it affects the player experience.


Darwin Monser zip-file


Interactive evolution(IE) is both seen in commercial and academic video games. These allow the users to take control of certain aspects of an evolution algorithm, be it for content generation or agent development. Previous work has given the player direct control of these mechanics, and this study aims to experiment with the player taking control of fewer parts of the algorithm. In order to test a more indirect form of Interactive Evolution, a game called Darwin’s Monsters were created. This game allowed the players to interact with the evolution of a group of monsters by changing the fitness function. In the end, design flaws in the game and a lack of clarity of the mechanics resulted in mixed feedback from test group. While the implementation failed to provide an overall positive experience, the test group reported interest in IE as a core game mechanic.