Parroter2D – a 2D Game Engine

This is a two man made component based 2D Game engine written in C++. It currently runs on Windows and Linux.
The engine includes, but are not limited to customisable:

  • Sprites
  • Animations
  • 2D Physics and Debug drawing
  • Gravitonal Mass Component
  • Particle Emitters
  • Saving/Loading levels(through .json files)
  • Memory usage report
  • Scripting (in C++)

Example of the Engine Editor on the Particle Emitter component

The current version includes a small game and 3 tech demos. To create build the project following libraries are required: SDL2, SDL_image, GLM, GLEW, SimpleRenderEngine and Box2D.
To use the engine without any preloaded demo, open the DanishParroterClean.exe or run it in your IDE.

Link to Parroter2D v0.0.1 project
Link to API