Multiplayer Mastermind (Redesign)

In this assignment we were tasked to either add or remove one element of the game.
We chose to add one more player to the game of mastermind. For this to work optimally every had to have the role of both code breaker
and code maker. This led to altering the core game loop, as each player has to choose which opponent to try and code break each down. Furthermore, the feedback is given privately to the attacker, which affords the other player to analyse the moves of his opponents to gain knowledge.
The goal was to change the play experience toward making the players feel that they are the mastermind. We felt that the original game only provided that for one player, which does not really make it a mastermind challenge after all.
However, outwitting two opponents while breaking their code is much more intellectual satisfying.

Link to essay about Multiplayer Mastermind