Indiana Jones Themed Playground

We were tasked to design a playground, so me and a fellow student, Mike, designed an Indiana Jones Themed Playground.
In the playground, you can take the roles as Indiana Jones as you move through the different sections of the playground, guided
by a storyteller(the parent) that receives the story directly to their smart phone through QR-code placed on at the start of each section.
The sections are as following:
‘The Desert’
‘The Mineshaft’
‘The German Castle’
‘The Trophy Hunt’

The activities in each section are described in the essay.
The goal of the sketch was to break down the barrier between child and adult play for children and their parents.
There is a tendency for partents to take the passive observer role when they go to the playground with their children. By giving the parents a more active role through their phone,
we hope to break down the social construct about that adults should not play and tighten the bound between child and parent through mutal play.

Link to essay about the playground